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Covid-19 Operations Update


1) What we are doing to protect you:


Air Quality in the clinic: 


For the last two years, we had installed an air purification system that uses a titanium HEPA filter (maximum particle size is 0.1 micron) after the incoming air passes through an area inside with a uv light (uv light is anti-viral). This is the Lux Guardian Air Platinum by Aerus. Aerus is the branch of the Electrolux company that develops technology for use by NASA. The latest generation of this clean air technology, is called Beyond by Aerus. The clinic has the preceding model.The only difference is something called Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) produced by Active Pure technology, that is now incorporated into the Beyond model. This utilizes ambient moisture in the air to release hydroxyls and hydrogen peroxide from the PCO process  into the air. However, it is possible to add this as a separate treatment for the air, that will be in circulation through our air purifier. We are adding this to our air treatment If it’s good enough for the space station, it’s good enough for us!.  In addition, we can open windows in the clinic.


Websites about the air purification we are using:


Half way down this article is the NASA spinoff/space technology we are using:


PCO technology/Active Pure Technology:



We must disinfect everything/all surfaces between each patient:


We will be using a product that is approved for use by Health Protection Branch Canada. It leaves no hazardous chemicals on surfaces, and is not flammable. This product kills bacteria, viruses, TB, and fungi. It is hospital/dental grade, and can be used on soft surfaces (massage tables) and hard surfaces. We will be using this in-between each patient when we disinfect everything, including floors. 




We will be using new gloves when we take the used linens off the table and we will be using new gloves after disinfecting to put new linens on the massage table.


We will be wearing PPE:


It is impossible to get the N95 masks, unless you are working in a hospital. We will be wearing cloth masks with filters. A clean new mask will be worn for each patient coming for treatment. We will also be using a face shield, that will be cleaned after each treatment. We are wearing something to cover our clothing.


Note: It is not possible to give proper, effective treatment to patients with gloves on. Your therapist will be washing hands immediately before and after treatment. Gloves will go on after hand washing to begin the financial transaction and disinfection process.


Each therapist is responsible to have a personal COVID-19 assessment before starting the day’s work.


Obviously, all of this will take time to prepare for the treatment of each patient, so our previous treatment availability will be halved.


There will be no seating or reading material available in the waiting room. 



2) What YOU need to do in order to receive treatment:




You must wear a face mask when you are coming for treatment. No mask, no treatment. It is possible that we may have a mask for you to purchase, if we can find some! Avoid the hassle and bring your own.



Mandatory hand cleaning:


You will be required to either use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water, upon entering the clinic and after the treatment.


COVID-19 Intake Consent form x 3:


1) The day before you come in for treatment, you will be emailed a COVID-19 form that you must respond to completely and honestly, We must receive this back the day before your treatment.


2)  2 hours before your appointment you will receive another COVID form that must be filled out and returned.


3) Upon arrival in the clinic, you will need to sign a COVID form.


This COVID_19 Consent procedure must be done 3 times before each treatment begins. We cannot begin treatment without this.


Consent to treatment form:


Upon arrival to clinic, each patient will be asked to sign a consent to treatment form after the benefits and risks of the proposed treatment plan is explained. Once we have a signed consent form on file, you will be asked to confirm your consent orally, and this will be noted in your chart.


No waiting room available:


This means you must wait in your car, until your therapist calls to let you know you may enter the clinic. If you have another person with you, they will have to wait in the car.


Preferred methods of payment:


E-transfer is the safest and most efficient.


Payment by Cheque is acceptable. We will be using technology to photograph the cheque for immediate deposit, before we put the cheque away into a quarantine envelope.


Credit card payment is acceptable with Miyuki only. Roxanne and I do not have this technology.


Cash is acceptable, if etransfer or cheque is not possible.


Please call the clinic to book an appointment. Booking by email is not possible.

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